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  • April 2024:  5 Years Later: A Reflection on the 2019 Flood; You Can Protect Endangered Species with the NFIP; Floodplainers Network in Broken Bow; 2024 CRS Symposium Comes to Omaha; Regulating Your Floodplain Using 2D Data; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • January 2024:  Floodplain Administrator Spotlight: Joel Hansen, City of Wayne; Features of the New Elevation Certificate; Flood Insurance Discount Tool; Scholarship Opportunity; Wayne Open House; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • October 2023:  Floodplain Storage: Safe or Risky?; There's a New Model in Town; NeRFF is Launched; BRIC and FMA NOFO Released; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • July 2023:  View Flooding in Real Time Across Nebraska; Biodiversity Spotlight: Eastern Black Rail; Nebraska's Business Plan; Flood Risks Increase After Fires; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • April 2023:  NEMA, USACE, NDEE, and NGPC Come Together for Lexington Event; Permitting Non-Structural Development; Bring Floodplain Education to Your Event or Classroom; Tips for Stronger BRIC Grant Applications; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • January 2023:  Your Questions Answered; Administrator Spotlight: Mike Jensen, Cass County; Floodplain Development Permitting; Biodiversity Spotlight: Western Prairie Fringed Orchid; Meet Your Floodplain Management Team; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • October 2022:  NeDNR Prepares Real-time Flooding Interactive Map in Response to 2019 Flood Event; Silver Jackets Team Releases Mitigation Project Interactive Map; Appropriate Uses of State Determined BFEs; 2022 State Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan and You; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • July 2022:  2022 NeFSMA Annual Conference is Here; Floodplain Management Section to De-Obligate Work; IMMERSED Comes to NeFSMA!; FEMA Discount Explanation Guide; Flood Risk Mapping Project Priority Areas; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • April 2022:  Substantial Damage: The Bane of Our Existence, OR the Key to Our Resilience; Accessory Structure FAQ for FPAs; Biodiversity Spotlight: Piping Plover; Attend an Open House Near You; NeDNR Floodplain Management's Business Plan Update
  • February 2022:  Getting Started in CRS; NeDNR's Updated BFE Request Webpage; Tips for New and Experienced Floodplain Administrators
  • October 2021:  Nebraska Silver Jackets Recognized as Team of the Year; New Interactive Maps for Risk Rating 2.0; NeDNR's Updated Flood Insurance Webpage; CFM Exam Online
  • July 2021:  NeFSMA's Floodplain Management Workshop; Risk Rating 2.0 Is Coming: What We Know So Far; NeDNR Launches Statewide Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • April 2021:  Nebraska's Business Plan; Before and After Disaster Strikes: A New Handbook for Floodplain Administrators; Updates to Technical Bulletin 3: Non-Residential Floodproofing - Requirements and Certification; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • January 2021:  New Rules for Agricultural and Accessory Structures in Your SFHA; Clerks Institute and Academy Goes Virtual; Meet Your Floodplain Management Team; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • November 2020:  Flood Studies Throughout the State; NeFSMA 2020 Annual Membership Meeting; Lessons Learned:  Post-2019 Flood Community Assistance Contacts; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • July 2020Lower Missouri River Flood Risk Management Solutions; Permitting Pipelines in the Floodplain; Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Online Environmental Review Resources; Model Floodplain Development Permit Application; No-Rise Certification Procedures; NeDNR Receives Honorable Mention; Katie Ringland NFIP State Coordinator of the Year; Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • April 2020The Killers in Our Rivers, ​Updated FEMA Forms and Documents, Walk-out Basements and the Elevation Certificate, Nebraska's Five-Year Business Plan, Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities
  • January 2020Recording the Flood: 2019 High Water Mark Collection, Why Your Community Should Participate in a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, and Join the National Flood Insurance Program​, NeDNR Releases Story Map Covering the March 2019 Flood
  • October 2019: Lessons Learned in 2019 and Beyond, Silver Jackets Team Initiates New Project, Flood Studies Throughout the Sate, Training Opportunities
  • August 2019: Garages in the Floodplain, When do you need a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR)?, Nebraska's Five-Year Business Plan, Training Opportunities
  • May 2019: The Importance of Substantial Damage Estimation, The Benefits of a Buyout, Prepare for the Flood Before the Flood, Substantial Damage Estimation Process, Training Opportunities
  • December 2018: Winter is Here: Beware of Ice Jams, NFIP: The Community Rating System, Discovery in the Panhandle and the Northeast, Training Opportunities
  • September 2018: Avoiding Flood Loses in the American Heartland, Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant, NFIP Turns 50, Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage, Floodplain Development Permits, Training Opportunities
  • March 2018: Silver Jackets: Lower Platte River Hydrology Study, What's Up With Drones?, Leveraging Statewide LiDAR, NeFSMA Calls for Abstracts, Training Opportunities
  • December 2017: Tiny Houses, Nebraska's Five-Year Business Plan, Risk MAP - The Regulatory Process, Training Opportunities 
  • September 2017Nebraska Model Ordinance Revisions, Executive Order 13690 Being Revoked, Risk MAP Data Development, Flood Studies Throughout the State
  • July 2017: Violations part III, Risk MAP, FMA grants, forms used in floodplain management
  • March 2017: 1978 flooding, storage tanks, 50 years of floodplain management
  • December 2016: Demographic study, "building" definition, requesting LOMA information, and guide to FEMA technical bulletins
  • September 2016: Louisville 1923 flood, ICC, BFE determinations, NeDNR flood studies
  • June 2016: Basements, violations part II, Pilger national award
  • March 2016: Highwater mark campaign, flood insurance, violations, NeDNR staff profiles
  • December 2015: Resources for new floodplain administrators, elevation certificates, appurtenant structures
  • September 2015: Cass County Silver Jackets Project, NeDNR flood studies, flood openings in buildings
  • June 2015: May flooding, Lincoln CRS Class 5, new NeDNR staff, comprehensive plans and flooding
  • March 2015: Preserving open space, changes in flood insurance and LOMC fees, January ice jam, flood mitigation grants
  • December 2014: Ice Jam partnership, flood study updates, new interactive map, floodplain permits
  • September 2014: Bill's retirement, floodplain administrator's role in disasters, CRS activity 350
  • May 2014: Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, mitigation grants, CRS activity 320, flood openings
  • February 2014: September 2013 flooding, joining CRS, HMGP funds, new website, interactive map, elevation certificates
  • September 2013: Mitigation and BW-12, lowest adjacent grade, new people in Nebraska, DeWitt mitigation project, mapping status
  • February 2013: Biggert-Waters Act, mitigation and CRS, training opportunities
  • September 2012: Discovery, flood model, mitigation funding, elevation certificates
  • February 2012: Development costs, mitigation, floodplain mapping, LiDAR, Discovery

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