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Request a Base Flood Elevation

Request BFE Determination Page

The ‘Request BFE Determination’ page allows Floodplain Administrators, and other authorized users, to request BFE Determinations, track the progress of ongoing BFE Determination Requests, and obtain up to date information on BFE determinations within their jurisdiction. If you need a BFE Determination, but are not a Floodplain Administrator, you can find the contact information for your Floodplain Administrator here.

Clicking on the ‘Request BFE Determination’ link will take the user to the BFE Floodplain Request sign in page. Select your name from the ContactID drop-down list, enter your password, and click ‘Enter.’ If you have forgotten your password, contact NeDNR at dnr.bfe@nebraska.gov and your password will be reset. After signing in, enter the Section, Township, Range, and Direction you are requesting. Next, select your jurisdiction from the ‘Jurisdiction’ drop-down’ box, and click ‘Create Request.’ After submitting a request, you will receive a confirmation email stating that NeDNR received your request. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact NeDNR at dnr.bfe@nebraska.gov.

Viewing Valid BFE Determinations

The Floodplain Interactive Map is a GIS Application that allows the user to see Floodplain Administrator contact information for a particular section and download Valid BFE Determinations. To view a Valid BFE Determination, zoom to the area of interest, turn on the ‘BFE Determinations’ Layer. Sections that have a Valid BFE Determination will be highlighted in yellow. To download a BFE Determination that is valid, click on the section. An informational box should appear in the upper-left portion of the map. Change the drop down box from ‘Flood Insurance Rate Maps’ to ‘BFE Determination for…’ and then click ‘View BFE Determination.’

Tools and Tips

The Floodplain Interactive Map contains several different tools which allow the user to obtain the most relevant BFE Determination information for a given section.

Map Tools The Map Tools button contains tools that are used the most often, and allows the user to open or close the tabbed toolbar.
Identity The Identify tool allows the user to click on a point in the map and see the layer information at that spot.
3 layers icon The Change visible map layers button allows the user to turn layers on and off, or display additional layers such as imagery.
3 wavy lines in a circle icon The Display Legend button allows the user to view the symbology currently displayed on the map.
section of map square icon The Select by Section tool allows the user to view BFE Determination information for a given section by entering a Section, Township, Range, and Direction.
house and person icon The Zoom to Address tool allows the user to view BFE Determination information for a given section by entering a valid address
group of people icons The Select by Community tool allows the user to view BFE Determination information for a given section(s) by selecting a community or county name from the menu.
gray map point icon The Zoom to Coordinate Location tool allows the user to view BFE Determination information for a given area by entering valid GPS Coordinate information.
printer icon The Print Map tool allows the user to print the the information currently displayed on the map and includes a title, scale, and legend.
Map tipMap Tips are displayed when the user clicks a section of interest and display relevant information and links for that section. From this display, the user may view the BFE Determination Status, request a BFE Determination, view a valid determination, or view additional information about that section.


Map Contents

The Layers panel contains all layers of information that are available for the map. Layers may display at different map extents, therefore some layers may not display until zooming to or searching for a particular area of interest.

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