Floodplain Management


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Floodplain Management Section handles floodplain management matters for the state of Nebraska. We are responsible for coordinating an overall program aimed at addressing the wise use of land that is subject to flooding.


2020 Nebraska Levee Inventory

The Department of Natural Resources combined information from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) National Levee Database, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Natural Resources Districts (NRDs), Emergency Managers, local communities, and our Floodplain Management Program to develop the 2020 Nebraska Levee Inventory, and to identify levees that were damaged during the 2019 flooding (Figure 1). Figure 2 shows the repair programs that are supporting recovery efforts for the Nebraska levees damage by the 2019 flooding. Since most levees are located in the eastern portion of the state, which was the area most heavily impacted by flooding in 2019, a map was created to display those damaged levees located in eastern Nebraska (Figure 3).


Floodplain Active Projects and Community Information


floodplain map legend


Click the map above to view community and project information by county or go to search directly on the community page.

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