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Nebraska Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan

Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan

Plan Purpose

Provided under the provisions of Nebraska Revised Statute §61-228, the State Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan will identify cost-effective flood mitigation strategies to reduce the disruption of lives and livelihoods and prioritize making Nebraska communities more resilient and identify opportunities to implement flood hazard mitigation strategies that reduce the impact of flood events. The plan development process will work to improve knowledge and understanding of available recovery resources while identifying potential gaps in current disaster program delivery and identify potential funding sources that can be used to improve the resilience of the state through flood mitigation and post-flood disaster recovery.


Key Benefits

The Statewide Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan development process will benefit Nebraskans and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources in the following ways:

  • Increase understanding of Nebraska's flood risks,

  • Incorporate Nebraskans' concerns into future planning,

  • Give local communities a plan to build upon, and

  • Position Nebraska and its communities for more funding.



Key Schedule Milestones


Additional Resources

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Plan Review:

​The above DRAFT section is available for review until Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Please download and complete the Reviewer Comment Form and send to Michele.York@Nebraska.gov by aforementioned deadline. 

Cooperating Partners:




June 1 - 3, 2021: First Round Public Meetings


Public Hearing and Open Houses

Events were held across the State of Nebraska during the first week of June 2021. The purpose of open houses was to collect public input related to impacts from historic flooding that occurred in 2019, such as comments on:  impacts, repairs and improvements that have been made since the flood; and recovery efforts including reimbursement. It was an opportunity for citizens to learn about resources related to floodplain regulations, and gain a better understanding of oversight at the local, state and federal level. Information collected will provide a baseline for the plan which will be developed over the next 12 months. A second series of open houses will be held in April 2022.


Public Notice:

Story Map Online Meeting

As part of the update to the Nebraska State Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NeDNR) invited public input via a self-guided, interactive story map. In the story map one could:

  • Explore an interactive map showing impacts from 2019 flooding,

  • Leave comments on the interactive map,

  • Participate in 2 brief surveys about flooding and how we can better serve the public, and

  • Learn about the State Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan project.

Public Outreach:


Contact Us

Additional project information may be obtained by contacting NeDNR at (402) 471-2363, or by emailing Adele Phillips at Adele.Phillips@Nebraska.gov

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