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The Natural Resources Data Bank, statutorily created in 1969, is administered by the Department of Natural Resources. The purpose of the Data Bank is to develop, store, process and manage natural resources data relating to land and water resources of the State, and make the information available to government agencies and the general public in a user-friendly and timely manner.

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Empower the decision-makers/users with real-time reliable information relating to natural resources data with proper displaying and processing tools for efficient planning and effective management of Nebraska's land and water resources.


Provide an integrated natural resources information system for the State of Nebraska, and an easy online access to real-time information (and services) to decision-makers, data users and to the citizens using e-government portal and innovative technologies in a most responsive, efficient and cost-effective manner.

DNR FEE SCHEDULE - (Effective September 1, 2005)

About the Data Bank

Aerial Imagery and Elevation Products

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has provided a location for state agencies to place image services for the public. Link is provided below.


For Aerial Imagery and Elevation Products, please visit NebraskaMAP for data provided by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Geographic Information Office (GIO) -


Please direct questions about these image services to the Geographic Information Office - Casey DunnGossin, State GIS Coordinator,

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