Water Planning

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We are the Water Planning and Integrated Management Division

We seek to ensure a balance between water supplies and uses through our science-based technical expertise, planning, and coordination of efforts with NRDs and stakeholders (you). Our actions are focused on protecting and preserving the water rights of existing users of surface water and groundwater.

Basins and NRDs map legend

For information about the integrated water management activities in a particular area, click on the corresponding river basin. Click on a natural resources district (NRD) to go to the basin where those activities occur.


Blue  |  Lower Platte  |  Missouri Tributaries  |  Nemaha  |  Niobrara  |  Republican  |  Upper Platte  |  White-Hat


If you are interested in the water planning and integrated water management activities of a certain natural resources district (NRD), please note the following:

  • Most NRDs contain portions of multiple  basins; therefore, the location that you click within an NRD matters. For example, clicking the green potion of the Tri-Basin NRD will take you to the Upper Platte River Basin page, which contains information about Tri-Basin NRD's activities within the Upper Platte River Basin, whereas clicking on the orange portion of Tri-Basin NRD will take you to the Republican River Basin page, which contains information about Tri-Basin NRD's activities that occur there.
  • Some NRDs are not currently participating in any integrated management activities, and some other NRDs are only participating in integrated water management activities within certain basins, so a basin page may not contain specific information about the NRD you select.

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