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Resources for the Community Rating System

Below is a compilation of articles related to communities' participation in the Community Rating System, a voluntary program that rewards communities for going above and beyond minimum floodplain management requirements. The articles are taken from our Floodplain Management Today quarterly newsletters. While they pertain to specific elements of CRS, the articles may be a resource for any floodplain administrator looking to improve their local program. For any questions or clarifications about CRS or interest in joining the program, please contact Adele Phillips for assistance.


Joining the Community Rating System

Joining the Community Rating System

This article covers joining the Community Rating System, including considerations that communities should look at, as well as the requirements to join. The article also highlights some areas where points may be obtained based on all Nebraska ordinances having higher standards than the federal minimum standards.

CRS Activity 320: Map Information Service

CRS Activity: Map Information Service (320)

This article covers the requirements to receive points in Activity 320, which credits communities for offering flood risk information to citizens, realtors, and bankers that call a community office. The article outlines some useful strategies to achieve points here and communities that don't participate in CRS may find this useful as well.

CRS Activity 350: Flood Protection Information

Flood Protection Information: CRS Activity 350

This article provides information on getting credit for flood information available to citizens in libraries, on community websites, or in other locations. The article also highlights the messages that CRS gives credit for, which are good to consider when developing outreach strategies. A number of resources made available to the public are credited in this activity, so non-CRS communities may find these useful as well.

CRS Activity 420: Open Space Preservation

Preserving Open Space in the Floodplain and CRS

Preserving open space in floodplains is the single best way to get points in CRS, as well as the best way to ensure flood damages and lives lost are reduced in any community. This article highlights the requirements to achieve points in Activity 420 as well as showing some examples from other communities of preserving open space for natural floodplain functions.

Lincoln Achieves Class 5 CRS Rating

Lincoln Achieves Class 5 CRS Rating

Lincoln currently has the best CRS class rating in Nebraska and the results mean that Lincoln policyholders save more than the rest of the state communities (and surrounding states) combined. This article highlights some of their work to achieve this rating and may serve as a useful tool for communities looking to improve their score.

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