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Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant 2016

The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources is looking to pursue an application for the 2016 round of FEMA's Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant. The grant is a nationally-competitive one with $199 million available and NeDNR would like to find a great set of subapplications from communities to put into the pool. The priority of the FMA grant is to mitigate repetitive loss and severe repetitive loss properties. These properties face the most significant risk from flooding and cause the most number of claims in the National Flood Insurance Program. NeDNR is actively seeking to mitigate these properties throughout the state to make our communities more resilient.

The most typical projects funded through FMA are acquisitions and structure elevations. The federal cost share varies based on the type of property:

  • Severe repetitive loss property - 100% federal, 0% local
  • Repetitive loss property - 90% federal, 10% local
  • All other properties - 75% federal, 25% local

If your community is interested in pursuing an FMA grant, please contact Katie Ringland at (402) 471-2094 or Katie.Ringland@nebraska.gov.

More information can be found on FEMA's page: http://www.fema.gov/flood-mitigation-assistance-program

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