Water Planning

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Blue River Basin Presentations

Upper Big Blue NRD Voluntary IMP Stakeholder Meeting

(September 10,  2018)

  • Topic: Joint Water Quantity Management
  • Presenters: Groundwater Quantity Management by Marie Krausnick, Upper Big Blue NRD, Surface Water Quantity Managment, by Jeremy Gehle, NeDNR, Integrated Water Quantity Management by Jennifer Schellpeper, and Questions for Stakeholders by Steve Wolf, JEO
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Lower Big Blue NRD Board Meeting

(September 10,  2018)

Upper Big Blue Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

(December 4, 2017)

  • Topic: Coordinated Water Quality and Water Quantity Planning for the Upper Big Blue NRD
  • Presenter: Carla McCullough, NDEQ and Amy Zoller, NeDNR
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Little Blue Basin Voluntary IMP Meeting

(November 16, 2017)

(March 29, 2016)

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