Perkins County Canal

Introduction and Background: The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, working in conjunction Natural Resources Districts and a variety water users and water related interests throughout the Platte River Basin, have been conducting focused water planning efforts throughout the Basin since 2004.  These water planning efforts consists of Basin-Wide Plans, Integrated Management Plans (plans developed for an individual NRD), and drought plans along with work in conjunction with Nebraska’s interstate compacts, decrees, and agreements. Particular attention is often given to the interstate components during water planning efforts to ensure that Nebraska fulfills its obligations and that our state’s water users receive the full benefits of Nebraska’s water entitlements.  One area of focus is to ensure Nebraska’s full entitlements under the South Platte Compact are realized and protected for the future of all Nebraskan’s. 

To further advance these efforts in the South Platte River Basin, the Legislature passed LB1015 during the 2022 legislative session in conjunction with funding that authorizes the Department of Natural Resources to continue to advance preliminary planning and design for infrastructure necessary to fully protect Nebraska’s non-irrigation season flows (October 15 – April 1) authorized under the terms of the South Platte Compact. 

In adopting LB1015, the Legislature found that it is essential to the economic prosperity, health, and welfare of the people of the State of Nebraska, and to the environmental health of the entire Platte River Basin, to protect Nebraska's full entitlement to the flows of the South Platte River as provided for in the South Platte River Compact. The Legislature authorized the Department to develop, construct, manage, and operate the Perkins County Canal Project (project as named in South Platte Compact) and has provided preliminary funding ($53.5M) to continue advancing these efforts.  

The Department is moving forward with these activities and this webpage will be a resource for information related to project activities that will continue to be updated.


    Timeline - Timeline of Recent Events Related to the South Platte Compact

    South Platte Fact Sheet #1 - Background on South Platte Compact

    South Platte Fact Sheet #2 - Colorado’s Growing Demands on the South Platte River

    South Platte Fact Sheet #3 - How Inaction Impacts Nebraska

    South Platte Compact

    Historical Stateline Streamflow for South Platte River

Information About the South Divide Canal (Perkins County Canal) Project:

    Engineering Study on South Divide Canal - USBR Evaluation of Project Elements, 1982

    Economic Benefits Analysis of South Platte River Water Supply Protection - Preliminary Estimate of Project Benefits

    Project Costs Summary - Preliminary Estimate of Project Costs

Recent Activities in Colorado:

    State of Colorado Senate Bill 22-126 - Colorado Legislation

    Pioneering a Collaborative and Sustainable Water Future - Example of Colorado Water Project Aimed at Reducing “Excess” Water Leaving Colorado


    Questions and Responses for RFP 22-1

    Request for Consultant Proposals for Engineering Services

    Advertisement for Proposals to Perform Engineering Services

Perkins County Canal Project Design RFP:

    NDNR RFP 22-2 (Perkins County Canal Project)

    NDNR Written Responses to Questions Submitted Prior to November 10, 2022

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