Groundwater Well Registration

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Water Well Ownership/Water Resources Update Notice

Water Well Registration Form

     Water Well Registration Instructions

  • New irrigation wells must be drilled at least 600 feet from any other existing registered irrigation well under different ownership and at least 1,000 feet from any existing commercial/industrial well or spacing-protected public water supply well. Commercial/Industrial wells or spacing-protected public water supply wells must be drilled at least 1,000 feet from any existing registered irrigation well, commercial/industrial well, or public water supply well under different ownership.  Individual natural resources districts may impose stricter well spacing requirements through district rules and regulations.

Water Well Decommissioning

Pump Installation/Well Construction Modification

Water Well Service Agreement for Online Registration (For well contractors only)

Water Well Registration: Geologic Materials Logged

Water Well Registration: Grout and Gravel Pack

Water Well Registration: Well Construction Continuation Form; Casing & Screening

Permit to Violate Water Well Spacing


Water Well Registration - NRD Approved

For local groundwater rules & regulations, permits to drill water wells and other forms required by your local natural resources district (NRD), contact the appropriate NRD -

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