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Tim Gokie, P.E. – Chief Engineer, Dam Safety Section

Tim is the Chief Engineer of the Dam Safety Section, assuring the Dam Safety Program is fulfilling its statutory obligations and responsibilities.  Tim conducts dam inspections and leads the Department’s dam safety investigation and enforcement efforts.  He is the primary plan reviewer for publicly-owned dam projects. 

Contact Tim at (402) 471-6398 or tim.gokie@nebraska.gov

Paolla Kovalsky, P.E. – Dam Safety Engineer

Paolla leads the Department’s dam inspection efforts.  Her primary duties include scheduling and conducing dam inspections, and issuing inspection reports.  Paolla also maintains the Nebraska Dam Inventory, conducts hydrologic and hydraulic reviews of existing dams, and reviews the hazard potential classification of existing dams.

Contact Paolla at (402) 471-0581 or paolla.kovalsky@nebraska.gov

Tom Schuerman, P.E. – Dam Safety Engineer

Tom leads the Dam Safety Program’s emergency response preparation activities.  He reviews emergency action plans for high hazard potential dams and provides assistance to dam owners in preparing their plans.  Tom conducts dam inspections and is the primary plan reviewer for privately-owned dam projects.

Contact Tom at (402) 499-6177 or tom.schuerman@nebraska.gov

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