Third Annual Republican River Basin-Wide Plan Held

Third Annual Republican River Basin-Wide Plan Held

From Western States Water Council


Nebraska/Republican River

On November 15, the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NDNR) and four Natural Resource Districts (NRDs) held their Third Annual Meeting on the Republican River Basin-Wide Plan. The plan was developed in response to the requirements of the Nebraska legislature (Nev. Rev. Stat. §46-755), and the objective is to “sustain a balance between water uses and water supplies so that economic vitality, social and environmental health, safety, and welfare of the Republican River Basin can be achieved and maintained for both the near term and long term.”

The plan implementation website provides the following: “The Republican River Basin-Wide Plan lays out a 25-year implementation timeline, from 2019-2044. In addition, the plan states that the [NDNR] and the four participating [NRDs] will share data and information and work together to monitor and evaluate progress toward the goals and objectives of the plan. This includes holding an annual meeting, exchanging annual reports, and publishing data on water supplies and uses in the basin.

The 66-page annual report with data for 2020 includes current water allocations, annual groundwater use for irrigation, conservation and irrigation buyout programs, groundwater levels and observation well locations, and curtailment of groundwater pumping and Republican River Compact compliance for each of the four NRDs. The report also tracks and evaluates progress on various action items and recurring activities.

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