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Elevation Data

Contours-Tagged Vector Contours (TVC) (Elevation Lines)

Tagged Vector Contour (TVC) A by-product of the DEM/DOQ development process is a set of files (one for each quad) that has the contour lines tagged with the elevation it represents. These are vector files. This set of coverages have some edge-matching completed and additional error detection and corrections have been applied. The contour intervals are the same as the 7½-quads they are derived from. Those are usually in feet and vary from 5-foot (generally along the Platte or other river valleys) to 20-foot (generally in the Sandhills) intervals with 10-foot contours being the most common throughout the State. There are a few quads in the northwest part of Nebraska that are mapped in meters and those have a contour interval of 5 meters.

Available TVCs:

Digital Elevation Models


10-meter DEMs

30-meter DEMs

Viewing DEMs

A GIS (Geographic Information System) software application is required to display DEM coverages. A copy of a freeware program called DEM3d is available from the Mid Continent Mapping Center (MCMC), U.S. Geological Survey. Download it here.

LIDAR 2 Meter 2009 - 2013

2013 NRCS - Nebraska

2012 NRCS - Nebraska

DNR is waiting on technical documentation for the 2012 LiDAR.

2011 NRCS & USACE - Nebraska - more information

Elkhorn River

North Platte River

Missouri River

2010 Eastern Nebraska - more information

2009 South Central Nebraska - more information

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