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Estimated Total Surface Water Withdrawals

by water use category for the year 2005

Figure 1: The pie chart above represents surface water withdrawals by water use category during 2005 without thermoelectric or hydroelectric power.
Vast quantities of surface and groundwater are used in Nebraska for a wide range of purposes. Surface water is diverted and withdrawn from streams and reservoirs for offstream uses, including hydroelectric power generation and irrigation. It is also used in streams, reservoirs, and lakes for hydroelectric power generation, fish and wildlife uses, livestock watering, and recreation. Groundwater is used for irrigation, water supply for humans and animals, and commercial and industrial uses. In some cases groundwater contributes flow to surface water, as either a deliberate or unintended result of the original use. Groundwater applied to fields for irrigation may infiltrate into aquifers or be discharged into rivers. Also, some groundwater used for public water supply is returned to streams via wastewater treatment plant discharge.

Estimated Total Groundwater Withdrawals

by water use category for the year 2005

Source for charts: Kenny, J.F., Barber,N.L., Hutson, S.S., Linsey, K.S., Lovelace, J.K., and Maupin, M.A., 2009, Estimated use of water in the United States in 2005: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1344, 52 p.

The pie chart to the left represents surface water withdrawals by water use category-2005 with thermoelectric power.

1 Cubic foot 7.48 gallons 62.4 lbs. of water
1 Acre-foot 43,560 cubic feet 325,851 gallons
An acre-foot of water covers 1 acre of land 1 foot deep
1 cubic foot per second (cfs) 448.8 gallons per minute
1 cfs 646,272 gallons per day
For 24 hours 1.984 acre-feet
For 30 days 59.5 acre-feet
For 1 year 724 acre-feet
1 million gallons 3.07 acre-feet
1 million gallons per day (mgd) 1,121 acre feet per year
1,000 gallons per minute (gpm) 2.23 cfs
1,000 gpm 4.42 acre-feet per day
$.10 per 1,000 gallons $32.59 per acre-foot
An acre-foot supplies a family of 5 for 1 year
An acre-foot irrigates ½ acre of corn in most areas of Nebraska