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Estimated Total Water Withdrawals

by water use category for the year 2005

Total withdrawals
The pie chart shows total water use omitting
water used for hydroelectric power. Most water
for thermoelectric power is released back into
the streams and rivers from which it was removed.
Vast quantities of surface and groundwater are used in Nebraska for a wide range of purposes. Surface water is diverted and withdrawn from streams and reservoirs for offstream uses, including hydroelectric power generation and irrigation. It is also used in streams, reservoirs, and lakes for hydroelectric power generation, fish and wildlife uses, livestock watering, and recreation.
Withdrawals Including Thermoelectric
The pie chart above shows total water use including water used for thermoelectric power.
Groundwater is used for irrigation, water supply for humans and animals, and commercial and industrial uses. In some cases groundwater contributes flow to surface water, as either a deliberate or unintended result of the original use. Groundwater applied to fields for irrigation may infiltrate into aquifers or be discharged into rivers. Also, some groundwater used for public water supply is returned to streams via wastewater treatment plant discharge.

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