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Lower Platte River Basin Coalition

The seven Natural Resources Districts in the Lower Platte Basin and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (the Coalition) have signed an interlocal agreement to pursue and discuss water management components that could comprise a voluntary basin-wide water management plan. This effort could be incorporated into individual NRD’s Integrated Management Plans. The agreement was approved in April 2013 and continues for five years.

This Coalition has the following powers:

  • To hold Coalition meetings, public meetings and hearings.
  • To contract and enter into agreements with agencies and others.
  • To retain a coordinator.
  • To receive and expend funding from various sources, including members and grants.
  • To undertake studies, investigations, or surveys.
  • To retain legal and other professional services.
Map of LPRBC membership

Members include the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources and the seven NRDs within the Lower Platte River Basin: 

Map of the Lower Platte Basin Coalition membership
Structure of the Coalition

Directory of Coalition members and contact information


  • Two (voting) representatives from each member
  • To determine overall direction of the Coalition, set policies, adopt annual budget, authorize grants and in-kind services match for grants


  • General Manager or designee from each member NRD and one designee from DNR
  • To provide support for administrative, technical and financial affairs of the Coalition, to include contracting for studies and services


  • Representatives from Members and other agencies as appointed by Management Committee
  • To review technical/scientific matters and provide information and recommendations to Management Committee


  • A DNR Liaison Position to the NE Association of Resources Districts
  • Conducts day-to-day Coalition activities and communications
Basin-Wide Water Management Plan

The first action taken by the Lower Platte River Basin Coalition is the development of a basin-wide water management plan. The purpose of the basin-wide water management plan is to collectively develop a plan that maintains a balance between current and future water supplies and demands. The plan will provide guidance for developing water use policies and practices that contribute to the protection of existing surface and groundwater uses while allowing for future water development. Finally, it will assist in the development and maintenance of a water supply and use inventory based on the best available data and analysis.


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LPRBC Schedule


We understand the importance of keeping you informed about what is going on in the Basin and how the planning process is proceeding. The following resources have been provided to help keep you informed. Please check back regularly to see what has been added.

Coalition Team Resources

Technical Committee Resources

Management Meeting Resources

Conjunctive Water Management Resources

Integrated Water Management Resources

Water Banking Resources


Contact Us
Contact Dustin Wilcox, project coordinator, at, or contact your local Natural Resources District (NRD) by clicking on its logo below.